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Don’t let your assets get fat

Suppliers, operators, maintainers and manufacturers are often faced with the challenges of striking the balance between cost and performance, especially in asset intensive environments.
This can result in high financial losses, performance degradation and even loss of reputation and market share leading to inefficiencies and issues such as:
  • Incomplete asset management strategies
  • Manufacturing inefficiencies
  • Product introduction and acceptance delays
  • Incorrect asset performance
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Data mismanagement

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Make your assets sweat

By reviewing business issues, processes and systems, along with cleansed data and the asset strategies behind these common issues,
we target and offer optimisation benefits against a number of functions including:

Asset control systems

Cost forecasting and investment cases/decisions
Improvement in cost vs performance equation
Document optimisation
Fleet harmonisation
Component performance
and failure data
Digital intelligent reporting tools

Designing solutions with the three P’s

We breakdown the structure of ‘Asset Optimisation’ to focus on the three critical areas
responsible for success: People, Processes and Performance.
This segmented approach allows us to ensure structure, integration, governance, reporting tools and efficiencies have been built in the correct sequence.

The Basics

We start with the ‘Brilliant Basics’ whereby we review the foundations of all asset management principles, in order to obtain the current business capabilities and opportunities for improvements.

Performance Enhancements

After we’re confident the first step has been achieved, we review the customer priorities in order to offer ‘Performance Enhancements’ surrounding the assets to help reach business targets, whether these be financial, performance or other critical business criteria.

Links & Integration

We ensure there are clear links and smooth integration of critical data sets, information and knowledge. This ensures that a business' data strategy is linked to its engineering strategy, and thus enabling a better-informed delivery strategy. We're committed to delivering a data driven decision creating environments that allow a business to flourish.

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