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What we hear from the industry...

"Our operating costs keep coming in over budget"

"We keep missing deadlines"

"Our systems and policy deployment are virtually non-existent"

"We have shop floor capacity concerns and we’re not sure what to do"

"We need better management – workforce engagement"

2XM Projects harness best practice from around the planet to deploy systems
that will coach your teams to achieve successful transformations.
The practices are designed to meet the changing demands of the future as well as successfully deliver services with flawless predictability.

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Designing the future

By redesigning your current processes and integrating new methodologies you’ll uncover solutions that empower your people, resulting in:
  • Never missing another deadline
  • Implementing global visibility across all operational departments
  • Fitness checking your processes
  • Eliminating waste
  • Improving ROI
  • Standardising performance benchmarks
  • Getting your teams on the same page
  • Engaged and empowered stakeholders
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • Your company and workforce become customer centric

Three steps are all it takes!

For many businesses, their people are their products, or at least the fuel that keeps the pistons pumping and the cogs turning. So, maximising their productivity is crucial to success and we achieve this by applying these three simple steps:

The Review

We review current practices measuring them against tested benchmarks and then introduce a company wide visualisation strategy with clear governance.

The Training

We implement a lean training programme for all employees that is either on or off-site. Using lean methodologies to develop people and your processes.

The Development

In the final step we introduce a development map for all employees where we look to identify their skill gaps and what's required to develop their skill sets within the company.
The outcome is always an empowered workforce that work smarter, are
engaged and ultimately more productive.

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