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Embracing growth through strategically controlled asset management.

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What we hear from the industry...

"These contractual frameworks are a minefield to navigate"

"I don’t know if I should use a private finance structure or just purchase outright"

"I’m not sure if we should consider our existing assets or purchase brand new"

Building a brilliant procurement strategy


Enjoy growth by ensuring scope, terms and structure recognise project requirements and market capacity, capability and appetite.


Attain and sustain successful competition by ensuring the scope and structure is attractive and can be executed for multiple suppliers.


Integrate project and programme requirements with objectives and goals of all key stakeholders.

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Combining Experience and Expertise

With extensive experience working with both public and private operators in the procurement
of rolling stock and other key system assets.

We've built up expertise adopted from this market and around the world, allowing us to focus on
best practice and deliver continuous success for our clients.

Four stages to success



We engage with a client’s project key stakeholders and learn.



We identify the critical success factors for their project.



We add their key stakeholder experience to industry best practice to identify realistic delivery options.



We then refine these into an optimum procurement strategy.

We’ll support all of the client’s key stakeholders with socialisation throughout the development of the procurement strategy
to guarantee critical success factors are understood and executed.

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