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What we hear from the industry...

"With so many moving parts the status of our project is really unclear"

"This project continues to run both over cost and behind schedule"

"This project should be running better but I’m unable to pinpoint why"

Often seen as the Litmus test of a struggling organisation or programme, our industry leading experts
carry out specific high-level strategic reviews.

Unbiased and unconstrained by internal mechanics we’ll assess the progress and health of your business
and identify opportunities to make recommendations or course change.

Improved Performance and Impact

You can view our team of experienced strategists as critical support staff for which you can leverage their expertise and bench mark your performance against.

  • We offer an impartial and balanced assessment of a project's progress with the goal of identifying opportunities and warning against potential areas of concern.
  • We’ll check that you’re complying with your program and that it:
    • Properly addresses your financing risks
    • Complies with your legal obligations
    • Is running as it should and all risks are understood
  • Detailed report backed with recovery plan

When all areas are met everything will come together to achieve improved performance and projects that meet or exceed target.


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