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Bringing to life data driven strategic plans.

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What we hear from the industry...

"We struggle with project control and cost estimating"

"Our projects constantly run over time and over budget"

"Because we miss deadlines, we lose customer confidence"

"We have little experience dealing with the full scope of PMO"

Enjoying over 40 collective years of national and international rail experience our PMO department covers support services for all stages of a project including:




Policies and processes


Programme integration and support


Programme assurances



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You can't teach experience, you just have to roll up your sleeves!

If you’re looking to execute large-scale and detailed multidisciplinary programmes, we can support you by creating a bespoke strategic project plan to:

  • Either part or full project we can manage and deliver to your specification
  • Review current practices and uncover solutions and opportunities
  • Create tailored project solutions
  • Control risk
  • Design practical and achievable goals
  • Create applied, functional, data driven reporting systems
  • Designed integration for smooth business continuity
  • Project-manage for control, quality, value and execution
  • Integrate tactical execution with planning and targets

Getting the job done right!

With a global network of shared ideas and over 40 collective years of experience we use cutting edge processes,
systems and technology to deliver your projects both ON TIME and ON BUDGET!

Bespoke schedule/programmes fit for purpose

Appropriate schedule structure.
Accurate client contract interpretation where necessary.
Project scope fully identified & visible in the schedule.
Easy interface identification.

Robust reports to satisfy business needs

Data which tells a story.
Key dates/tasks highlighted for all to see.
User friendly reports presented in a coherent way.
Innovative reporting tools bringing all rooftop items the forefront.

Project risks considered in every schedule

Risk & planning often functioning in unison.
Quantitative risk assessments for all schedules (QSRA).

Schedules maintained to a high standard

Resource deployment solution to ensure the right people are utilised accordingly.
Frequent update cycles with minimum effort.
Standardised schedule maintenance adopted.

Cost efficiency

Earned value management deployment.
Cost performance index (CPI).
Schedule performance index (SPI).

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