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We’ve taken our disciplined engineering processes and procedures and introduced these to the Ports sector.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of project professionals transform and extend the life of our client's assets linking safety with quality and predictability, whilst focusing on delivering on time and on budget.

We Understand

Running and maintaining a port throws up a multitude of challenges, and that’s when things are running smoothly.
When you run into challenges chaos can ensue.
We’re here to help covering:
  • Corrective maintenance / run to fail
  • Breakdowns when least expected
  • Reactive approach to maintenance
  • Lack of spare parts or resources
  • Lack of predictive maintenance planning
  • Ad-hoc leadership and communication to cover your team if you lack relevant expertise 
  • People problems; who does what and when?
  • Lack of stakeholder management
  • No set maintenance and servicing plans

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Here to Help!

Our USP is our operational experience across multiple sectors and disciplines. Our international group brand shares best practice
and the latest innovations from around the planet leaving us with both world class solutions and people.

Our Expertise Delivers

  • Predictive maintenance planning
  • The development of preventative maintenance plans
  • Unique asset management philosophy (providing whole of life costs of assets)
  • Full engineering procurement and construct (lead projects for the full project lifecycle from sponsorship to warranty close out)
  • Risk acceptance and management of the project
  • Workforce talent acquisition & team building
  • Seamless communication processes from CEO to operational trade staff
  • Schedule and control asset management cycle with visualisation and project reporting methodology

Delivering 2Xtra Mile ‘Xcellence’

We’re proud of our work and our people. It’s taken many years to build the experience and expertise we have within our team.
The more experience we gain the wider the scope of solutions we can offer our partners such as:

Our predictive maintenance regimes forecast issues and blockages before they happen.
The same predictive maintenance regimes effectively map out and plan activities at scheduled intervals to minimise downtime of the asset.
We set-up project parameters needed to deliver on time whilst at the same time shaping quality, cost and delivery.
We’ll provide integrated scheduling to control projects, suppliers, and sub-contractors.
Accountability equals success, so we’ll set-up responsibilities and decision-making power to each team member.
We use cutting edge software that centralises all project information and data, accessible in real-time to team members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
There's no job too big or small, let us find a solution for you!

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